July 31- August 4

Welcome to Advanced Composition!

I’m very excited to have this class. I am a writer at heart and I want to show you that writing isn’t boring or dumb. I know that not everyone in this class is an aspiring author, but clear and effective communication is a skill that is valuable for EVERYONE. Business writing, marketing, memos to your employees, proposals… all of these can benefit from knowing how to grab a reader and keep them interested.

*This will probably be a long blog post since I have to front-load information here, so please bear with me!*

Syllabus: Syllabus Fall 2017.docx


Intro/transcripts/expectations/what is this class??? HW: bring paper and writing utensil. We will be working in groups to finish the summer assignment #1. All summer packets are due FRIDAY.

Tuesday- Wednesday

Go over syllabus [above]. Begin Group work on section one of summer packet. summer reading.docx


What is an essay?

Read Sherman Alexie’s “The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me”. This is an example of a personal essay. What does Alexie do in this essay that brings the story to life? Let’s look at some characteristics that I will look for in your writing as we read this piece.


Get a copy of your parallel reading by next Friday. Bookstores everywhere should have some of these as well as Amazon or BN.com.

Image result for wild cheryl   OR       Image result for walk in the woods       Need in hand by Friday 8/11

HW: bring in a copy of some favorite song lyrics. Please don’t let them be too R rated and there needs to be some sort of narrative to it. Meaning, it can’t just be a sick bass line and the words “yeah, yeah, yeah, baby, baby, baby” over and over. Great for dancing to; not so great for my assignment 🙂



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