August 7-11


Finish sharing song narratives from Friday if anyone wishes to. Turn in narratives. I am solely using them as a writing pre-evaluation, a way for me to see what the writing skills are in the room.

Review Summer Reading packet terms. Summer Packet Review

Make These Sentences Extra: One way to improve our writing is to take other bland sentences and see where we can make them better. Could we use more specific words? What about punctuation, appositives and such? Imagery?  Sentence elaboration 1.docx

HW: finish sentences. Get a copy of Wild or A Walk in the Woods by Friday! At some point this week, read through this chapter from Naked, Drunk and Writing titled “Elements of the Successful Essay”.  PDF here: elements of successful essay


Discuss how we improved our sentences from yesterday. I’ll read to you the original sentences!

Personal Narrative Example: “Unmoored By a Psychotic Break“. I’ll guide you… what makes this a powerful piece?

HW: get your parallel by Friday!


Today I need you to sign up for various things electronically!

  1.  Sign up for your account.
    1. 2nd period link
    2. 3rd period link
    3. 4th period link
    4. 6th period link
  2. Sign up for a Remind account! You can do it through an app on your smartphone or text message or even in your email if that is preferable. invite Remind pdf AC
  3. Fill out the student info form.
  4. Read the plagiarism contract. Plagiarism Contract 2017-18
  5. YES ACTUALLY READ IT. As this is a writing-intensive course, it is IMPERATIVE.
  6. Electronically “sign” that you have read and understand it.
  7. Once you are done, please begin reading the chapter “Elements of a Successful Essay”. [See Monday’s entry for link]

HW: get your parallel by Friday!


Brainstorming exercises for personal narrative planning.

“What Do I Value?”- tries to help us narrow down the values that we REALLY hold close. Focusing on what we believe can be one way to find a story to write.

“The Objects Exercise”- going along with the “everything’s an argument” lead, we will examine objects in our lives that represent what we value, the image we want to project, or that remind us of something in out lives.



HW: get that parallel memoir! also, think about questions you have for the guidance counselors who will be in here tomorrow and Monday.


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