August 14-18


Guidance Lesson part 2

HW: begin reading your memoir! Memoir reading plan Fall 2017


Writing Practice- bring a notebook [spiral, composition] if you haven’t already.

Discuss “successful essay” chapter

What Do You Want? outline [see the chapter pdf from last week’s blog]


Together let’s look at the humorous essay by Jenny Lawson: Crocodile Pirate excerpt

How can we use humor in our writing? How does her essay fit in with the skeleton we looked at yesterday?

In groups: work on your memoir/personal narrative techniques list. Memoir techniques

HW: continue reading your parallel; we will have a quiz on TUESDAY. Continue working on vocab list. I will record your practice percentage as of 11:59 pm on 8/23.


Discuss memoir techniques. Introduce the narrative essay assignment.

Personal Narrative Essay Assignment

narrative rubric

Make That Essay a Unicorn

HW: continue reading your parallel. Quiz on TUESDAY. Continue working on vocab list. Due 11:59 pm 8/23.


In class writing, by hand. Bring a favorite notebook, a cup for some tea, your headphones, whatever you need to get in the groove. I’ll play some focus music for the headphoneless. This should be a quiet writing time. I don’t mean you can’t quietly share something with someone or ask questions but this is not social time. Get comfy, get in the zone. Tell us a story.

Don’t worry about what order you write in. Write in snippets. If you think of something you don’t want to forget, write it on the side and come back to it. Zone out for a minute. Take a break and draw a picture of a lion. But then try to get yourself back in. It’s only 55 minutes. Stretch out on the floor. Use my cart or my podium and stand if you wish. Go get some water. Sprawl out in the hall. But be writing and processing in that beautiful mind of yours.

Room 301Writer's Salon



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