August 21- 25




Quiz over first assigned section of your parallel memoir. You may use the book on this one so that you can get used to my style of quiz. Next time you will not use book but you will have a choice on questions to answer.

When you are done with your quiz, please use the time to hand-write your essay draft. We will be in the media center tomorrow to begin typing our drafts.

HW: Vocab is due tomorrow night, 11:59pm. I will print the list of percentages when I arrive to school Thursday AM.

Before Friday: please read the brief section attached here about how to give and receive feedback. give receive feedback

Continue reading your parallel memoir. Next Quiz Monday 8/28. Memoir reading plan Fall 2017


We are in the media center today [or in class with laptops, sorry 6th period!].

BE PRODUCTIVE. Type out that essay draft. We will be doing this tomorrow as well.

Draft is due MONDAY 8/28.

Parents! Here is the powerpoint that was acting up last night. Full of info distilled for you to get the basics. open house ppt


I am out with the art history field trip. You are in the lab with our wonderful sub. I expect great behavior from you and productivity.

  1. Finish typing out that essay draft. You may print here or at home. Bring the print copy to class tomorrow.
  2. Read the guide to giving and receiving feedback if you have not already. give receive feedback
  3. If you have done ALL of that, please read your parallel memoir. Next quiz on Monday.


Writer’s Salon! Reviewing our writing with our peers.

Draft Due on TUESDAY now 🙂

We will move reading quiz to Wednesday.  Wild chapters 5-7; Walk in the Woods chapters 5-8.


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