September 13-15


Ok scratch the regular plans. Today we will get together in groups and plan out our answers for the assessment. This is not a GOTCHA kind of test. I am looking for your skills in communicating information and the ability to synthesize that info into a coherent and thoughtful answer.

Assessment Planner

Bring the planner tomorrow as well as your book. We will do the test as scheduled.

P.S. I got a little behind on finishing the essays… I had to help my mom prepare the house for my dad’s arrival back home! He had his stroke on June 11 and hasn’t been home since, and we had to make things easier for him to get around. Thank you for understanding and I promise you will have them before the break. The good news is that you will have all semester to work on any edits and revisions you want to do 🙂



Memoir Parallel Assessment- have book and planner!


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