Advanced Comp: Where Writers Are Forged

Sept 18-22




Brief notes on logos and pathos: Rhetoric 101

Alice Walker excerpt.. how does she use logos in this piece? logos and pathos texts.docx

As a vice-presidential candidate, Richard Nixon gave a speech in 1952 defending himself against allegations of inappropriate use of campaign funds. In it, he relates an anecdote about getting a puppy that his family named Checkers.

Watch Nixon’s “Checkers” speech:


Each group will be assigned a section of the full speech. Highlight and mark it up! How does he use PATHOS? Secondarily how does he use Logos and Ethos in here? What is the affect of his techniques on his audience?


Class discussion of Nixon’s speech.

Begin solo work on Toni Morrison open letter in the NYT to Barack Obama. Finish for HW.

Toni Morrison Obama Letter