October 30- November 3


Othello Film!!

Image result for othello

Tuesday: You will receive an answer sheet for Zipgrade. PLEASE do not draw around the little black squares or write near them. Those are the match-up marks for scanning them. Use this for your Othello test.

  1. Find your ID number on this list: ID list F2017 It is not in any particular order. Your ID # could be from 2-5 digits long. Put this along with name, class, etc.
  2. Here is the test. Feel free to print if needed. Othello Take Home Test.docx
  3. If you lose the answer sheet I give you, print out a new one: ZipGrade50QuestionV2
  4.  Test due FRIDAY, 11/3 at class time.

For Thursday: Please see Thursday’s entry for what you need to review for rhetoric objective test.


In class writing: Othello Rhetorical Analysis


Rhetoric Test-

Review the Rhetoric 101 Powerpoint. Any terms are fair game.

Rhetoric 101

There are a couple of terms that I threw on there that you know from the past but just in case: onomatopoeia, hyperbole, euphemism.

Be able to identify ethos, logos, pathos as used in arguments.

Sentence types from Powerpoint.

There will be a passage with questions.


Going to desktops in media center to begin work on Othello Rhetorical analysis.

Please come up and get the assignment and how-to packet. Turn in Othello take home test!

RAhowtopacket  < This is the online version of the instructional packet I have in class.  

Please return the How-To packet to me at the end of class.

othello analysis assignment <This is the actual assignment prompt and speeches to analyze.



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