November 6-10


Evaluation Writing Mini-Lesson

Why Mean Girls Is A Classic

Papa John’s, Reviewed


If for whatever reason you did not get your paper turned in to last night, you must do it on the LATE assignment entry. You have until 11:59 tomorrow.

The directions for turning in were on the assignment packet, so that is not an excuse. Waiting until the last minute is not in my realm of problems. I love you, so I must be harsh, so that you will be prepared for life.

Othello Assignment Packet [with instructions]: RAhowtopacket

Laptops today. Want you to look over some sites I have found, plus begin searching for articles/reviews similar to what you want to write. Honestly, you can review anything. Video games, movies, books, tv shows, entire series, restaurants, albums, concerts, a game, clothes, outdoors gear, etc etc etc etc.

Did you ever see Almost Famous? It’s based on the true story of writer/director Cameron Crowe who began writing music articles as a teenager and has been a well-known rock journalist. Here is a website that has a collection of his writing.

Magazines/Websites for music and movies:


Rolling Stone

AV Club

Rotten Tomatoes

Major Newspapers: NY Times, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Atlanta Journal




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