Dec 17-21



Review Salon: review for final, complete work, etc. The gift of time. All outstanding assignments are due no later than 11:45 AM on Friday, but for quality results, the sooner the better.

fall 18 final passages preview

See last week for the other review elements.


2,3,4: Review and Work Salon

7th period: final exam.

Wednesday 11:30 release

No Adv Comp meets with me today; 1st and 6th only.

Thursday 11:30 release

2nd and 4th period exams

Friday 11:30 release

3rd  period exam

Have a great break! We are diving into Othello and the power of language when we return!



Dec 10-14


Visual Arguments: Propaganda Edition

Important note: So, obviously this is Nazi propaganda. Neither I, the English Department, or Pope High School endorse any of these ideologies. I chose it because of its obvious nature of propaganda. The explanation video that we will watch before the intro segment of the actual film, breaks this down for us. The film is propaganda in more ways than one: not only does it paint a certain picture of the party but also the “reviews” of this film being a triumph of filmmaking are propagandistic… it’s not a technically great film or particularly innovative for its time. So, anyways, we are using this for the historical context and blatant techniques. Seeing these obvious examples of propaganda can help us detect less obvious techniques that we might be consuming. 



Your reflection paper is due Friday, by 11:59 pm. Submit to

personal reflection



Visual Arguments: Documentary Film

Image result for undefeated film


Laptops in room: work study salon.

  1. Check synergy. Make sure there are no zeroes that you are unaware of.
  2. Last vocab due Monday by 11:59. Knock that out.
  3. Reflection Papers due tonight by 11:59 pm to
  4. Look over exam review.

Final Exam Review Guide

Memoir techniques

Argument Notes

Film language

fall 18 final passages preview

There will be two other true cold readings.


December 3-7


Group Film Analysis Work: Scene Analysis

Due at end of class!

Precis due tomorrow and we will begin presentations.

For my students who want to be ahead of the curve: the reflection paper instructions are attached here. Not due until Friday, 12/14.

personal reflection <—– instructions 🙂


Presentation groups:

2nd Alicia/Will C

3rd Nick S

4th Julie B/ Vin S



2nd Lexie/Cody O

3rd Chloe/ Frida

4th Grace E/ Makenna

7th David D


2nd Jake D/ Jodie

3rd Hunter V/ Burke

4th Katie T/ Reagan

7th Jackson/ Harsh


2nd Julia P/Alex H/ George/ Luka


4th Marissa

7th Emily/ Cullen/ Kiana

Nov 26-30


Desktops in Learning Commons: work day on research projects.

Sign up for presentation slots HERE.     PLEASE read the note at the top explaining the process. I will begin assigning dates on Friday.

Vocab will be printed this afternoon. You’re welcome 🙂


I’m on a field trip with World Lit and AP Art History!

You will be in the classroom with the laptops with the sub. Please be good and productive.

Sign up for a presentation slot if you haven’t. Friday is the deadline.


I have assigned presentation dates for all of the people that have responded. MOST people were able to get first choice. If there are two groups listed [by first person’s name] then that date is closed out. See our Calendar for the assigned and taken dates.

Film Language 101: When we write or analyze an argument we use/look at diction, tone, evidence, rhetorical devices, and other Englishy things. But we can do the same thing for film. Today I am going to walk you through the basic film terms that comprise the “grammar” of film.

Film language



Visual Rhetorical Analysis Intro



Basic Visual Rhetorical Analysis, continued.


Now having seen how the Rhetoric Dude analyzed the Coke ad and T-Swift music video, we are going to watch a brief scene from the awesome film The Shawshank Redemption. If you’ve never seen the whole thing, it is fantastic.

We will watch the scene several times taking observation notes about the film language that we see. Then you will need to think about the WHY behind each of those choices.

Scene Analysis

Nov 12- 16


We are in the learning commons both days in the center tables! Grab a laptop and use the resources available to us. Continue on research for your project. Remember to check the calendar page and see what days we are working on projects!



*no x block wednesday* modified schedule Thursday [see below]*

In lab 307, continuing to work on research projects. Please be productive and on excellent behavior for your sub while I am getting set up for Who’s Who on Wednesday and cleaning up from Who’s Who on Thursday!




I’m going to do a little personal narrative sharing and some cultural education involving Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant”.

HAVE AN AMAZING BREAK. Only work on the project if you want to. It’s not assigned. 🙂

Nov 5-9


Learning Commons Wireless Lab: Mrs. Zonin will refresh us on what resources are available for our projects 🙂 With time left over, please begin compiling resources on a Google doc [or other accessible cloud platform] for your group. That means ALL members contribute today.

You have a new list 🙂 “Gimme, Gimme, Gimme” [words about greed and stuff!]


Laptop Cart in room: I will go over the specifics of the precis for your project and you will have time for research. Again, ALL members will be productive.

Precis IntroductionWYP   and WYP Research Precis Rubric

Creative/Innovative Final Product:  WYP presentation and rubric

See Calendar for dates! 12/4 is the precis due date and we will begin presenting that day as well.


October 29- November 2


Social Issues Book #4 discussion/essential questions development

eq creation


Creating a Plan of Action for our research/synthesis project. Each person should contribute and have a copy.

plan of action

Work on Vocab, due 11/5 at 11:59pm. *practice percentage is your grade*


HALLOWEEN BRAIN BREAK: True Life Horror! Spooky! Scary!

Image result for lore


Lab 307: work on group social issues report and begin initial research for WYP project.

rubric for Social Issues Report


Lab 307: Complete social issues book report [due at end of class] and continue initial research for WYP project

You can SHARE the doc with me if you would like! Please share with

HW: have a good weekend 🙂