September 17-21


I was out due to a death in my friend’s family. Thank you for being awesome during my extended absence!

“Write My Essay, Please!” and Article Outline


-Go over Social Issues Book Group questions and rehash instructions just in case

What’s wrong with the arguments in this scene??? [So much, I know].

Argument notes


Wednesday [long day, x block is on Friday]

Types of Arguments



Logical Fallacies Group Define

Friday X Block!

Discuss logical fallacies, media examples


September 10-14


Lab 307 for crafting revisions on our personal narratives.

show vs tell

Remember: 2 pages MINIMUM. Not 1.5. Not 1.75. 🙂

Double spaced.

MLA format: heading, 1 inch margins.

Creative and telling title. Any essays that are untitled, or given some mind-blowing title such as “Personal Narrative Essay” will be docked 5 points!

Keep rough draft and notes. You will be turning them all in together. I will provide a folder for you to turn your work in.

narrative rubric


Planning session for Memoir Assessment. Make sure you have your book with you.

Final draft along with RD and notes are due by 3:45 pm. If you are stopping by during another class, please leave your folder in the tray outside my room.


Memoir Assessment. If time, discuss social issues book coming up next.


Hello wonderful seniors! Thank you in advance for being amazing while I am out today. I know it’s a big day with Matt Hobby happening so please make sure you are productive and good luck tonight, Hounds!

Please follow the directions! This looks like a lot, but I broke it down into chunks here. Unless the hurricane messes up my travel plans, I should be back on Monday for any questions and further explanation.

  1. Grab a laptop and an introduction sheet. Social Issues Book Unit
  2. If I didn’t get a chance to explain in depth yesterday, please watch my ScreenCast. I go over what exactly we are doing. Don’t worry about the end product just yet.
  3. Go to my Amazon list or do general internet searches for social issues books. My list is by no means exhaustive. You may choose any topic that affects humans somewhere on this planet. Liberal, conservative, religious, secular, creative, financial, technological… the world is yours to explore. Use the intro sheet to assist you. You may choose a book as a group, a topic as a group, or find someone that is doing the same book or topic as you! Ultimate choice!
  4. IF YOU NEED HELP FINDING SOMEONE TO JOIN FORCES WITH: the whiteboard next to my desk is going to be our classified section. Look at the examples I created (Personals Ads Examples for Social Issues Book) and then craft your own and post it [printed or handwritten on paper] by Wednesday 9/19.
  5. INDIVIDUALS OR GROUPS: even if you don’t know what you are doing exactly, please write the following down and turn in by the end of class. Place in the class tray in back.
    1. Name(s)
    2. Topic you are interested in
    3. Three potential book titles

You must have a physical copy of the book by October 1. Our learning commons has a variety, and I have a few. Choose used books!


Used book stores in Cobb County (or close by)

Support a local business!

The Crazy Book Lady – this one is in remote Acworth but it’s right off of 75 and it’s one of those well-stocked from floor to ceiling stores. If you are a book lover, it is worth the trip from east Cobb!

Bookmiser, Roswell

Fox Tale Book Shop, Woodstock

Once and Again Books, near Lassiter

Book Exchange, Canton Rd

Book Nook, Roswell Rd Marietta

Half-price Books, Woodlawn Square, JF Road

2nd and Charles, Barrett Pkway

And of course there is Barnes and Noble (new books) near Town Center and at the Avenue West Cobb and Cumberland.


September 4-7


What constitutes good feedback? How do we receive critiques on our writing?

Discussion over the above topics!

Tomorrow bring a printed copy of your Rough Draft. We will workshop our personal narrative writing.

Reading time after workshop discussion.


Writer’s Workshop. Use guidelines to assist with helping improve our writing for the personal narrative.

Suggestion: get an adult outside of school to look at your writing. Show them the guidelines of what we are looking for. Ask them for specific feedback. This is also a good time to start looking at the nitpicky.


Persepolis Viewing. How did the filmmakers translate a graphic novel memoir into a film? What ways could they expand and add their own interpretations? This film is in French with English subtitles.

imageImage result for persepolis

August 27- 31


Notes on Imagery: Painting that beautiful, awful, stinky, amazing picture in your readers’ minds.

Writing time… BY HAND! Remember, humor me today on the creative impulse.

Continue reading your memoir. There will be a check on Friday.

Memoir reading plan Fall 2018

Perhaps work a little more by hand on your potential essay.


Memoir Techniques Open Note Quiz: you can use any notes we have taken.

Laptop time: craft your drafts. A note about laptop time: many of you are old enough to vote and die for your country. You are all old enough to drive a 2 ton vehicle. I am not going to hover over you and make sure you are on task. You know your time better than anyone else. I heartily advocate for a brain break every 15 minutes or so. But be aware: I give as much time as possible in class for crafting your pieces. If you squander that time, do not even consider coming to me for extra time or commiseration that you didn’t have time. Love you! 🙂

Personal Narrative Essay Assignment

Need ideas?: College Application Essay topics


Short class, bring your parallel memoir for reading time.

early release schedule


Crafting drafts in lab 307. same note as above.

Please go to my Resources page for some example personal essays, helpers, and some cool tools to use. Check out the Hemingway app!!!! Very useful as we are crafting.

Need to take a brain break? Why not vote for the Pope/Walton game on 11alivesports? I want us to be on TV #fame #liveforever



Memoir check 3. Crafting drafts in our room with laptops. You know the drill.

7th period: I will be out as I am prepping for the pep rally. Please be amazing students for the teacher who comes in on their off period out of the goodness of their hearts. I know you will. 🙂 Come be loud at the pep rally!


Aug 20- 24


Introduce the Personal Narrative Culminating Essay [this is the big product for this unit].

Personal Narrative Essay Assignment

narrative rubric

Reading time for this week’s section; quiz on Friday.

Memoir reading plan Fall 2018

Finish your neighborhood map piece and be prepared to share with your table tomorrow.


Neighborhood writing group share and thank you notes!


Sub Wed: Brainstorming exercise #1: “What do I value?” and read the excerpt from Jenny Lawson [demonstrates humor in essays].

Th: Objects Exercise/ David Sedaris excerpt


Lawson essay

Sedaris essay


Let’s talk about TONE in your writing!

Memoir Check 2

Continue reading your parallel… see the pacing guide for chapter numbers. Memoir reading plan Fall 2018

Aug 13-17


Guidance Lesson part 2, lab 307

You will receive the reading schedule for your parallel today. There will be a reading check for the first segment this FRIDAY. These dates are also on the Calendar

Memoir reading plan Fall 2018

Remember, your song narrative is due tomorrow! Please think about sharing yours!


Share salon: song narratives. Turn narratives in to the class drawer.

Parallel intros: terms to know, intro videos.

Hiker terms you will encounter in your books

AT Map:

Image result for appalachian trail map

PCT Map (w/Strayed’s hike highlighted):


Walking Home: AT documentary… if we get behind in class please watch from 9:15-20:35 [though of course I encourage you to watch the whole thing if you are reading A Walk In the Woods!]

Only the Essential: PCT documentary. If we get behind in class, please watch from 2:30-17:03 (though of course I encourage you to watch the whole thing if you are reading Wild)

There are SEVERAL youtube documentaries, both long and short that I think are wonderful to watch. I will post them on our Resources page! I will also link several other sites with information about the trails you are reading about.


Personal Essay Round Robin: Each student will read a different essay. Have your memoir techniques list handy. When you are done reading, record the following:

  1. Title of essay and author
  2. Brief summary of essay
  3. Techniques the author used that were effective and why (aim for 3-5).

We will perhaps begin discussion in our groups at the end of class, if we have time.

Remember to continue with your memoir reading. Reading check Friday.


Finish Round Robin discussion.

Neighborhood Map exercise. Begin in class and finish on your own. Have printed version in hand, Monday 8/20. You will share with your table group only.

Neighborhood Map

neighborhood map example

Sara Register I Remember

Bring your book tomorrow! Continue reading.


Reading Day and last 15 minutes will be reading check for section one.

Aug 6- 10


Using your style/voice with another’s framework…

One of my all time favorite songs is “Everlong” by the Foo Fighters.

Some background on the video from Wikipedia: The video starts with a black and white shot of Smear and Mendel (dressed as Teddy Boys) outside of a house where Grohl and Hawkins(playing his wife) supposedly live. The video then transitions to Grohl’s dream, in which he is Sid Vicious at a party that Hawkins’ character (playing Nancy Spungen) is getting harassed by Mendel and Smear. The video transitions to Hawkins’ dream, in which his character is reading a book, when, all of a sudden, a supposedly undead being creeps up from the floorboard (parodying Evil Dead.) The video transitions back to Grohl’s dream, when his hand enlarges and begins to attack Smear and Mendel, after which they vaporise, and wake up in Hawkins’ dream. Grohl wakes up after he hears his phone ring. Meanwhile, in Hawkins’ dream, Hawkins’ character tries to fend off the zombies, while Grohl gets firewood. Hawkins’ then attempts to call Grohl, to which point he wakes up. Grohl realizes Hawkins’ plight, and tries to wake his character up, to no avail. Grohl goes back to sleep, only to reappear in Hawkins’ dream. Grohl then proceeds to save Hawkins and throw the zombies in the lake. The video transitions back to real life to show that Mendel and Smear are in the house. The video takes a surreal twist as real-life Mendel and Smear pop out of the characters’ heads. Grohl and Hawkins wake up, and the band finishes the video by playing out the rest of the song.

Lyrics to Everlong

Everlong– The Reg version

Assignment: Create your own brief narrative from the song you chose. Since we are working on this in class, handwritten, it should only be around a page long. You are WELCOME to go longer. You may also take it home and type it, if you wish [or your handwriting insists on it]. Due Tuesday 8/14. 

Also do not forget! Summer Packets are due tomorrow! Sorry about all the exclamation marks!

Tuesday 8/7

Summer Packet Review

Wednesday 8/8

Personal Narrative Techniques: Memoir techniques

HW: begin reading ch 3 of Naked, Drunk, and Writing. elements of successful essay

Thursday 8/9

Electronic Business Day

  1. Sign up for

2nd period

3rd period

4th period

7th period

2. Sign up for my class Remind:

invite Remind pdf AC

3. Sign up for my senior class Remind:

remind invite

4. If you are a Twitter user, I put a variety of info on there: @emceemama

5. Read the plagiarism contract: Plagiarism Contract 2018-19

6. No, seriously. Read it. This is a writing-intensive class and it is imperative that you are aware of these policies.

7. Please sign the plagiarism contract electronically. 

8. Fill out the student info form online.

Finish reading ch 3 of NDW [see yesterday].

Friday 8/10

Guidance Lessons. Do not miss! Important info coming your way and a CAPTIVE guidance counselor for TWO DAYS. Bring questions!

Assignment: read “Unmoored by a Psychotic Break“.