Feb 12-16


School argument presentations


Capote film!


Finish Capote and work on section 3 terms for In Cold Blood.

It’s a sub day as I am in NYC with AP Art History. Be good!

Last Vocab due 7AM 2/26.

Capote Pope Writing now due 2/27… I want QUALITY!

Rubric for Pope Observational Writing: AP style rubric

Remember, you have TWO tasks: to describe the area so well that we can see and experience it in our heads AND to attempt to analyze the importance of your area [room/office/classroom/public space] to the greater Pope community. What is its purpose? So what if this place exists?

Test In Cold Blood Tues 3/6



February 5-9



Quiz on section 2 of ICB: Persons Unknown

Intro to Literary Journalism Writing Assignment: In Cold Blood writing exercise

You will be going to a chosen location in the school and if you decide to do an outside location be aware of the weather.

writing day weather

Possible locations [ones that have yielded great results in the past]: front office, media center, specific classrooms [with prior permission from teachers], weight room, locker rooms, stadium, orchestra/band/chorus, art room, etc….

I will give you a pass with the understanding that you are to be on your best behavior and absolutely not breaking any school rules. I will have eyes on you.

Look again at how Capote sets the scene in the opening of In Cold BloodChapter 1 Rhetorical Blank Passage

Some videos to assist your understanding:



Literary Journalism Observations: Come to 301 and drop off your bags. You only need a writing utensil and paper.

You will be assigned a locale if you do not have a good one in mind.

Grab a pass, write your location, and have me sign it. Again, BEST BEHAVIOR expected. Do not disturb any class or school operation.

Written/printed writing is due Wed, 2/14.


Vocab for section 3, “The Answer”, due tonight 11:59pm.

Writing Wednesday: Something you’ve broken.

Elements of New Journalism discussion and group work.

Be prepared to present on either day, Thursday or Friday, for your school presentation. The written/printed version work is due when you present.

I will most likely be out tomorrow since I’ve caught whatever bug this is. Waiting on word that my job got picked up. If I am out this plan is this:

-Thursday: tables in media center, with laptops. Work on Written School Proposals OR your In Cold Blood writing assignment

-Presentations Friday

-Presentations Monday, all written proposals due Monday.


School presentations. Turn in written versions. If any time left over, read In Cold Blood.

January 29- Feb 2


In Learning Commons at the tables in the center with laptops.

Rubric for Project [all portions]: Reconstruction rubric

All information is under last week’s entry.

Presentations have been moved to 2/8 and 2/9.

Wednesday- Thursday

Wed: Writing Wed, bring journal

READING DAYS- Bring In Cold Blood both days! I’ll make some coffee; bring your mug! [and some change to offset the cost of coffee and fixings!]


Sub as I was supposed to be on a flight this morning, but will now be prepping for pep rally…

Be good! You will be working on the study guide for the quiz on Monday. Chapter 2: Persons Unknown. Have your book with you.


January 22-26


Welcome back! I am going to be doing a condensed version of the Deconstructing Education lesson that I do in order to keep us on schedule. Many of the items we would look at are here for your perusal.

So let’s Deconstruct Education…

  1. What do you dislike about school? Go ahead and get it out of your system. You won’t offend me. [Discuss as class]
  2. i quit i think John Taylor Gatto is a very controversial figure in the realm of education. The year he won New York City teacher of the year [at a very prestigious Upper West Side public high school], he penned this letter for the Wall Street Journal.
  3. Ken Robinson is not quite as controversial as Gatto, but he is a forerunner in the area of creativity and reaching to one’s potential. Watch the following animated clip of a section of one of his Ted Talks:

4. The next clip is a little bleaker… It is Gatto again, talking about the purpose of schooling [note: not education… SCHOOLING]. Again, remember he is on the far side of the debate of how to “do” education. Think about the ways he forms his arguments. EVERYTHING is an argument 🙂


5. Now let’s talk about what we DO like about school. What are the things that make it less miserable? Nothing is too frivolous here, but also think about the times where a situation geared towards learning was pleasurable.

6. Tuesday/Th/Fri: working in groups with laptops in our room to create a new vision of school (Reconstruction Project).


-look over the information packet for our argument project: Reconstruction Project Argument Version . We will have laptops tomorrow so you can begin working ASAP after I do a brief run down. Have questions ready for me.

– 2nd vocab list for ICB due this Friday.

-Have your first chapter read by Wednesday. You will be doing group review of relevant terms and phrases to know in preparation for the quiz on Thursday.

Resources for ReConstructing Education Argument Project

Packet: Reconstruction Project Argument Version  rubric to come soon, I just need to tweak it from AP classes.

A Gatto essay that I typically assign, but time prevented us.

Gatto YouTube channel

Ken Robinson YouTube [my curated list, NOT exhaustive]

Ken Robinson on Amazon: some of you may really be into his stuff, especially if you are trying to figure out what you are doing in this world.

John Taylor Gatto on Amazon


Writing Wednesday! It’s here! Write until the music ends.


reasons to live

After WW, get out your copy of In Cold Blood. Work in your groups on filling out your note sheet to study for the quiz tomorrow. I will only pick from this sheet to make a brief quiz. Finish on your own if needed.


Part I Quiz on Thursday. Rest of the time, work in groups with laptops in our room on your ReConstruction project.

January 16-19


Sub today as I am at the Who’s Who photoshoot. Be good and the school closure gods may smile upon us.

Today’s assignment:

is junk food cheaper

  1. Read the article “Is Junk Food Really Cheaper?”. Take note of the author bio at the beginning.
  2. Answer questions:
    1. #1 [Google the types of arguments if you forgot]
    2. #3
    3. #4
  3. Write a brief evaluation of how you think Bittman did in presenting his argument. Provide evidence for your assertions. Solid paragraph will do.

Due at the end of class. Please turn in to the class drawer.

Reminder, vocab due tonight. Begin reading the first chapter, “The First to See Them Alive”, in In Cold Blood.  You should finish that chapter before Wed 1/24. We will have a quiz on 1/25.

Be good! Love ya!  -Aunty Reg

In Cold Blood reading schedule

Chapter 1: “The Last to See Them Alive” 1/16- 1/24, quiz on 1/25

Chapter 2: “Persons Unknown” 1/25- 2/2, quiz on 2/5

Chapter 3: “The Answer” 2/5-2/15, quiz 2/16

Chapter 4: “The Corner” 2/16-3/1, quiz 3/2

Summative Assessment 3/6


Snow days! You MUST keep up with your reading. That’s in exchange for not having to get out of bed. It is expected that you will be done with the first chapter by next Wednesday. Yeah, better get crackin’.

I will check the first chapter vocab on Monday. No excuses on not having it done at this point, therefore no late turnins. The next vocab is due on Friday the 26th, a week from tomorrow. Again, no late turn ins on that. Put on some headphones, make a cuppa tea, and get exposed to some great vocabulary!

We will be doing group work to prepare for the quiz on chapter 1 so on Wednesday, 1/24 bring your book. The quiz will be on Thursday.

Love you folks! Stay warm!

January 9-12




20 mins to finish Connotation Spectrum Assignment

Toddler and Tiaras Argument Exploration

toddlers tiaras

  • Read the article. You most likely will not get done in one day. Don’t rush.
  • Answer questions 1, 3
  • Pick either #4 or #5. You don’t have to write an essay but outline your ideas about which topic you choose.
  • In class time Tuesday and Wednesday. Due Thursday.

January 4-5

Welcome back!

Assorted business…

  1. Please consider contributing boxes of tissue and 8oz styrofoam cups. We are in the middle of cold and flu season and you guys go through lots of tissues. Also you all like tea but no one has cups!
  2. Parallel reading: Go ahead and get a copy of In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. You need to have that in hand by Tuesday, Jan 16. If you were in AP Lang last year and do NOT want to do this book again, please see me for a comparable alternative. I know some of you AP students expressed interest in doing it again and that is fine by me. You can be the experts for class discussions!
  3. I know, I know, I dropped the ball on doing our writing journals last semester. Bring those on Wednesdays only. We will have a Writing Wednesday moment on those days.
  4. Vocab for In Cold Blood unit is up. All 4 units are available to work on and they have individual due dates for each. Please see for further details.