Sept 18-22



Brief notes on logos and pathos: Rhetoric 101

Alice Walker excerpt.. how does she use logos in this piece? logos and pathos texts.docx

As a vice-presidential candidate, Richard Nixon gave a speech in 1952 defending himself against allegations of inappropriate use of campaign funds. In it, he relates an anecdote about getting a puppy that his family named Checkers.

Watch Nixon’s “Checkers” speech:


Each group will be assigned a section of the full speech. Highlight and mark it up! How does he use PATHOS? Secondarily how does he use Logos and Ethos in here? What is the affect of his techniques on his audience?


Class discussion of Nixon’s speech.

Begin solo work on Toni Morrison open letter in the NYT to Barack Obama. Finish for HW.

Toni Morrison Obama Letter


September 13-15


Ok scratch the regular plans. Today we will get together in groups and plan out our answers for the assessment. This is not a GOTCHA kind of test. I am looking for your skills in communicating information and the ability to synthesize that info into a coherent and thoughtful answer.

Assessment Planner

Bring the planner tomorrow as well as your book. We will do the test as scheduled.

P.S. I got a little behind on finishing the essays… I had to help my mom prepare the house for my dad’s arrival back home! He had his stroke on June 11 and hasn’t been home since, and we had to make things easier for him to get around. Thank you for understanding and I promise you will have them before the break. The good news is that you will have all semester to work on any edits and revisions you want to do 🙂



Memoir Parallel Assessment- have book and planner!

Sept 5-8


Finish Persepolis; reading/vocab work time. Quiz tomorrow.


Parallel quiz 3. Rhetoric 101 mini-lecture!

Rhetoric 101


Continuing with rhetorical triangle!

First we will look at Lou Gehrig’s speech that he gave at Appreciation Day held in his honor in 1939.

Lou Gehrig Soapstone Practice

Then we analyzed George Bush’s speech which was televised on the evening of September 11, 2001.


HW: finish SOAPStone on the 9/11 speech. Vocab due at 11:59 pm


Review 9/11 speech; Add notes to Rhetoric 101 on Ethos.

King George VI.. what is his automatic ethos? He’s king right? He had a severe speech impediment. He needed to overcome that to present a strong face to his people. Watch the trailer for the movie, The King’s Speech and then watch the clip of him giving his radio speech in the film. Complete a SOAPStone for his speech.

HW: please look read this excerpt of an essay by Judith Ortiz Cofer and be able to discuss how she establishes ethos with her subject and gains readers’ trust.

The Myth of the Latin Woman ethos




August 28- September 1


Enrichment day! Exploring the trails that we are reading about through some video “memoirs”.



PERSONAL NARRATIVE/MEMOIR DRAFT DUE. Must be typed. 12 pt font. Times New Roman or Arial or some normal font. Heading. Double spaced.

May watch a few minutes of AT video, but definitely some reading time on your memoir books. Quiz tomorrow.

WITW hint: Rainbow Springs Campground; Two inches on a map

Wild hint: Kennedy Meadows; “Not just anyone could do what you’re doing.”


SHORT CLASSES! Quiz on memoir book.


Go over quiz and talk about memoirs translated to film.

Begin watching Persepolis (2007) which is based on the memoir of the same name by Marjane Satrapi. If you are absent, it is available on Amazon for rent.

Image result for persepolis

Image result for persepolis


Finish watching Persepolis.

August 21- 25




Quiz over first assigned section of your parallel memoir. You may use the book on this one so that you can get used to my style of quiz. Next time you will not use book but you will have a choice on questions to answer.

When you are done with your quiz, please use the time to hand-write your essay draft. We will be in the media center tomorrow to begin typing our drafts.

HW: Vocab is due tomorrow night, 11:59pm. I will print the list of percentages when I arrive to school Thursday AM.

Before Friday: please read the brief section attached here about how to give and receive feedback. give receive feedback

Continue reading your parallel memoir. Next Quiz Monday 8/28. Memoir reading plan Fall 2017


We are in the media center today [or in class with laptops, sorry 6th period!].

BE PRODUCTIVE. Type out that essay draft. We will be doing this tomorrow as well.

Draft is due MONDAY 8/28.

Parents! Here is the powerpoint that was acting up last night. Full of info distilled for you to get the basics. open house ppt


I am out with the art history field trip. You are in the lab with our wonderful sub. I expect great behavior from you and productivity.

  1. Finish typing out that essay draft. You may print here or at home. Bring the print copy to class tomorrow.
  2. Read the guide to giving and receiving feedback if you have not already. give receive feedback
  3. If you have done ALL of that, please read your parallel memoir. Next quiz on Monday.


Writer’s Salon! Reviewing our writing with our peers.

Draft Due on TUESDAY now 🙂

We will move reading quiz to Wednesday.  Wild chapters 5-7; Walk in the Woods chapters 5-8.

August 14-18


Guidance Lesson part 2

HW: begin reading your memoir! Memoir reading plan Fall 2017


Writing Practice- bring a notebook [spiral, composition] if you haven’t already.

Discuss “successful essay” chapter

What Do You Want? outline [see the chapter pdf from last week’s blog]


Together let’s look at the humorous essay by Jenny Lawson: Crocodile Pirate excerpt

How can we use humor in our writing? How does her essay fit in with the skeleton we looked at yesterday?

In groups: work on your memoir/personal narrative techniques list. Memoir techniques

HW: continue reading your parallel; we will have a quiz on TUESDAY. Continue working on vocab list. I will record your practice percentage as of 11:59 pm on 8/23.


Discuss memoir techniques. Introduce the narrative essay assignment.

Personal Narrative Essay Assignment

narrative rubric

Make That Essay a Unicorn

HW: continue reading your parallel. Quiz on TUESDAY. Continue working on vocab list. Due 11:59 pm 8/23.


In class writing, by hand. Bring a favorite notebook, a cup for some tea, your headphones, whatever you need to get in the groove. I’ll play some focus music for the headphoneless. This should be a quiet writing time. I don’t mean you can’t quietly share something with someone or ask questions but this is not social time. Get comfy, get in the zone. Tell us a story.

Don’t worry about what order you write in. Write in snippets. If you think of something you don’t want to forget, write it on the side and come back to it. Zone out for a minute. Take a break and draw a picture of a lion. But then try to get yourself back in. It’s only 55 minutes. Stretch out on the floor. Use my cart or my podium and stand if you wish. Go get some water. Sprawl out in the hall. But be writing and processing in that beautiful mind of yours.

Room 301Writer's Salon


August 7-11


Finish sharing song narratives from Friday if anyone wishes to. Turn in narratives. I am solely using them as a writing pre-evaluation, a way for me to see what the writing skills are in the room.

Review Summer Reading packet terms. Summer Packet Review

Make These Sentences Extra: One way to improve our writing is to take other bland sentences and see where we can make them better. Could we use more specific words? What about punctuation, appositives and such? Imagery?  Sentence elaboration 1.docx

HW: finish sentences. Get a copy of Wild or A Walk in the Woods by Friday! At some point this week, read through this chapter from Naked, Drunk and Writing titled “Elements of the Successful Essay”.  PDF here: elements of successful essay


Discuss how we improved our sentences from yesterday. I’ll read to you the original sentences!

Personal Narrative Example: “Unmoored By a Psychotic Break“. I’ll guide you… what makes this a powerful piece?

HW: get your parallel by Friday!


Today I need you to sign up for various things electronically!

  1.  Sign up for your account.
    1. 2nd period link
    2. 3rd period link
    3. 4th period link
    4. 6th period link
  2. Sign up for a Remind account! You can do it through an app on your smartphone or text message or even in your email if that is preferable. invite Remind pdf AC
  3. Fill out the student info form.
  4. Read the plagiarism contract. Plagiarism Contract 2017-18
  5. YES ACTUALLY READ IT. As this is a writing-intensive course, it is IMPERATIVE.
  6. Electronically “sign” that you have read and understand it.
  7. Once you are done, please begin reading the chapter “Elements of a Successful Essay”. [See Monday’s entry for link]

HW: get your parallel by Friday!


Brainstorming exercises for personal narrative planning.

“What Do I Value?”- tries to help us narrow down the values that we REALLY hold close. Focusing on what we believe can be one way to find a story to write.

“The Objects Exercise”- going along with the “everything’s an argument” lead, we will examine objects in our lives that represent what we value, the image we want to project, or that remind us of something in out lives.



HW: get that parallel memoir! also, think about questions you have for the guidance counselors who will be in here tomorrow and Monday.