October 22-26


Social Issues Discussion #3. Remember to record your convo highlights:

-What was confusing? Who cleared it up?

-What topics did this bring up? Current events? Politics?

— What did you find amusing, enraging, enlightening, asinine, incredible, etc?

Practice:Curmudgeon, Cantankerous and Churlish: Grouchy Words
Practice Percentage due 11:59 on 11/5. You determine your grade. Want 100%? Do 100%!

Image result for churlish


TIMED (Typed) WRITING. This will serve as a culminating piece for argument.

  1. Start a Word or Google doc.
  2. Cut and paste this prompt to the top of your document:

“Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant.” -Horace

Consider this quotation about adversity from the Roman poet Horace. Then write an essay that defends or challenges Horace’s assertion about the role that adversity [financial or political hardship, danger, misfortune, etc] plays in developing a person’s character. Support your argument with appropriate evidence from your reading, observation, or experience.

3. Aim for as cohesive an essay as possible in the time allotted. I am fully aware that this is not a process piece, and it will not be graded as such.

 Argument Rubric

4. Print when you are finished. Make sure your name is at the top along with class period.


Introduce What’s Your Problem: A Research/Synthesis Project

What’s Your Problem Project


Comfort/Risk/Danger Zones: why do we need to be in the risk zone for growth and learning?

ComfortRisks zones


Group Norms and Essential Questions Creation

Each group will get together and begin crafting their group norms. These are the rules that YOU decide on for your group. What are the expectations? What is the action plan? What are the consequences of not following group protocol?

norms worksheet

Group Norms PPT

eq creation


October 15-19


Social Issues Book Circles #2


Argument Practice: “In Praise of Chain Stores” (Postrel).

Do chain stores squelch local business and culture? Or do they simply provide items to people? Do they homogenize America? Or is that a result of something else?

Assignment: Write a 2-3 paragraph response to our essay we read last week. Copies are on the tables for your review. You must use some evidence from our essay to back up your claims. Personal experience is fine, as well, but must be used in tandem with Postrel’s claims.

Due at the end of class.

October 8-12 CRAZY WEEK :)


Social Issues Book Group Meeting #1. See last week’s entry for discussion guidelines. The expectation is that you are mostly focused on the book talk! Digressions that have to do with the subject matter are absolutely ENCOURAGED! I am interested in your thoughts, expanding horizons, and critical thinking.

Jot notes about the discussion! These will be used for the Google Doc later.

All week: Continue your reading this week outside of class. -Reg


Discussing argument/logical fallacy quiz

Argument warm up – please work on section 1.   Argument ideas

Wednesday- only 4th and 7th period meets

Get out your argument warm up sheet from yesterday and complete. Turn in to the drawer at the end of class.

Thursday- early release day 2,3rd periods only

Get out your argument warm up sheet from yesterday and complete. Turn in to the drawer at the end of class.

Friday- Pep Rally Day

Read “In Praise of Chain Stores“. Begin formulating a BRIEF argument [2-3 paragraphs] in agreement or disagreement with the author’s argument. Notes are fine today, versus a written out statement. You will need to use examples from the text, cited correctly. IT would also be very appropriate to use personal evidence. We will work on this again on Tuesday.

Instructions I gave 7th period:

  1. If you get a second, look up “The Stepford Wives”. Our article references it and I don’t want you to miss the reference. Also look up “Route 66”.
  2. Read” In Praise of Chain Stores”. It’s not very long at all.
  3. Begin formulating your opinion on this topic. Are you pro- chains? Or do you think they squelch local businesses?
  4. Assignment: you will be writing a 2-3 paragraph response argument on Tuesday. Have evidence from: this article; personal experience; any other resources [perhaps a local business owner, a chain manager, etc]. You must have some sort of external citation, however, your ideas should be paramount. Externals are merely a cane to lean on with your strong argument legs.

Prep for Social issues group meeting #2 on Monday.

October 1-5


You should have your social issues book at this point. I will be starting class with 10 mins devoted to getting together as a group and deciding on weekly chapter divisions. First group meeting is NEXT Monday.



Today we will read the first part of “Toddler In Tiaras” by Skip Hollandsworth. This will continue into tomorrow.


Continue with Toddlers and Tiaras:

  • Finish reading the article. We left off on page 495 at “Not all child pageant…”
  • Answer questions 1, 3
  • Pick either #4 or #5. You don’t have to write an essay but outline your ideas about which topic you choose.
  • In class time today. If you don’t get finished, I put the link on yesterday’s blog post.





Quiz over Argument basics and logical fallacies

Discuss Toddlers and Tiaras



The Battle of the Environmental Issues

Waste Not Want Not” vs. “Forget Shorter Showers

Waste Not vs Forget Shorter Showers  <graphic organizer



Discussion of “Toddlers” and environmental showdown essays.

What should our book discussions look like on Monday?

Continue with your social issues book. We will discuss argument quiz on Tuesday.

Questions to consider  for your discussion on Monday:

  1. Think about nonfiction and its relationship to truth. Does the nonfiction writer have an obligation to be truthful above all, or is bias acceptable in certain cases? Does the author attempt to remain objective about the subject at hand? Is the book objective and balanced or deeply personal and strongly biased? Is there a political or a polemical agenda behind the book?
  2. Does the book attempt to change or shape public opinion? How does it change the way you think about a person or event? Does it give you new perspective on a historical event or topic of interest?
  3. How well does the author relate the content of the book? Does the author provide enough background material on the subject to allow readers to get involved? How is the book organized? Is it chronological, thematic, topical, or arranged in some other format? Are there parts you wish had been developed further or more clearly?
  4. What is the author’s attitude toward his subject? What is the author trying to persuade you to think or do? How do you think the author was changed by the experience of writing the book? (You can often find a direct response to this question in the book’s foreword or introduction, or in interviews with the author.) Were you persuaded by the author’s arguments?
  5. DO NOT ASK: Do you like the book? This should not be your first question. This
    is not the point of the group, and this question goes nowhere.
  6. Ask members to come with 3 questions to generate thought and discussion, marked
    passages to read, or relevant articles.
  7. Clarify ambiguous responses. If you don’t understand a member’s comments, it’s
    likely others feel the same way but are hesitant to speak up.
  8. Be comfortable with a little silence. It gives people a chance to think an idea through and then express themselves. You can get some thoughtful observations this way.
  9. Recognize when the group has become too fixed on one aspect and move the
    discussion along to another point.
  10. Remember my “discussing a movie at Chili’s” analogy: Just like you would pick apart a film you just watched, do the same for the chapters you read. You should have picked a topic that was interesting to you so I expect you will have some opinions!

September 17-21


I was out due to a death in my friend’s family. Thank you for being awesome during my extended absence!

“Write My Essay, Please!” and Article Outline


-Go over Social Issues Book Group questions and rehash instructions just in case

What’s wrong with the arguments in this scene??? [So much, I know].

Argument notes


Wednesday [long day, x block is on Friday]

Types of Arguments



Logical Fallacies Group Define

Friday X Block!

Discuss logical fallacies, media examples

September 10-14


Lab 307 for crafting revisions on our personal narratives.

show vs tell

Remember: 2 pages MINIMUM. Not 1.5. Not 1.75. 🙂

Double spaced.

MLA format: heading, 1 inch margins.

Creative and telling title. Any essays that are untitled, or given some mind-blowing title such as “Personal Narrative Essay” will be docked 5 points!

Keep rough draft and notes. You will be turning them all in together. I will provide a folder for you to turn your work in.

narrative rubric


Planning session for Memoir Assessment. Make sure you have your book with you.

Final draft along with RD and notes are due by 3:45 pm. If you are stopping by during another class, please leave your folder in the tray outside my room.


Memoir Assessment. If time, discuss social issues book coming up next.


Hello wonderful seniors! Thank you in advance for being amazing while I am out today. I know it’s a big day with Matt Hobby happening so please make sure you are productive and good luck tonight, Hounds!

Please follow the directions! This looks like a lot, but I broke it down into chunks here. Unless the hurricane messes up my travel plans, I should be back on Monday for any questions and further explanation.

  1. Grab a laptop and an introduction sheetSocial Issues Book Unit
  2. If I didn’t get a chance to explain in depth yesterday, please watch my ScreenCast. I go over what exactly we are doing. Don’t worry about the end product just yet.
  3. Go to my Amazon list or do general internet searches for social issues books. My list is by no means exhaustive. You may choose any topic that affects humans somewhere on this planet. Liberal, conservative, religious, secular, creative, financial, technological… the world is yours to explore. Use the intro sheet to assist you. You may choose a book as a group, a topic as a group, or find someone that is doing the same book or topic as you! Ultimate choice!
  4. IF YOU NEED HELP FINDING SOMEONE TO JOIN FORCES WITH: the whiteboard next to my desk is going to be our classified section. Look at the examples I created (Personals Ads Examples for Social Issues Book) and then craft your own and post it [printed or handwritten on paper] by Wednesday 9/19.
  5. INDIVIDUALS OR GROUPS: even if you don’t know what you are doing exactly, please write the following down and turn in by the end of class. Place in the class tray in back.
    1. Name(s)
    2. Topic you are interested in
    3. Three potential book titles

You must have a physical copy of the book by October 1. Our learning commons has a variety, and I have a few. Choose used books!


Used book stores in Cobb County (or close by)

Support a local business!

The Crazy Book Lady – this one is in remote Acworth but it’s right off of 75 and it’s one of those well-stocked from floor to ceiling stores. If you are a book lover, it is worth the trip from east Cobb!

Bookmiser, Roswell

Fox Tale Book Shop, Woodstock

Once and Again Books, near Lassiter

Book Exchange, Canton Rd

Book Nook, Roswell Rd Marietta

Half-price Books, Woodlawn Square, JF Road

2nd and Charles, Barrett Pkway

And of course there is Barnes and Noble (new books) near Town Center and at the Avenue West Cobb and Cumberland.


September 4-7


What constitutes good feedback? How do we receive critiques on our writing?

Discussion over the above topics!

Tomorrow bring a printed copy of your Rough Draft. We will workshop our personal narrative writing.

Reading time after workshop discussion.


Writer’s Workshop. Use guidelines to assist with helping improve our writing for the personal narrative.

Suggestion: get an adult outside of school to look at your writing. Show them the guidelines of what we are looking for. Ask them for specific feedback. This is also a good time to start looking at the nitpicky.


Persepolis Viewing. How did the filmmakers translate a graphic novel memoir into a film? What ways could they expand and add their own interpretations? This film is in French with English subtitles.

imageImage result for persepolis